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My Diamond Exhibition

When, two weeks after the celebration of the Royal Diamond Jubilee I received a card from Buckingham Palace, my story starts. Yes, after living in the Kingdom for nine years I suddenly received a message from The Queen. No, I am not one hundred years old, not yet.

Simply, once upon the time on a very happy day I just dared to ask an official to pass my painting as a gift to Her Majesty. As they say, I happened to be at the right place at the right time.

That sunny, cloudless morning I woke up in my hotel room with a strange feeling of absolute happiness. It was my fourth day in London and the last day of my art exhibition. Nothing particularly exciting had happened up till now. Frankly speaking, all the previous three days had been rather routine.

The First Day

I arrived in London with heavy bags full of canvases and framed paintings. Drenched in sweat, anxious and hungry, I left some stuff in the hotel, changed my clothes, and trudged to the exhibition hall to deliver my heavy art load.

I was in a cornflower mood that is to say, with a blue fragile hope hidden on the pointed petals of fear and anxiety.

While nervously trying to hang my paintings (I have never done it before), I suddenly realized I had taken the wrong fixtures. The wall appeared to be too tough to screw in to. I became very upset and horrible thoughts struck me, ‘What could I do with all of this if I would not be able to fix them properly?’ The thoughts struck me so hard that I got a headache. Fortunately, I realized that I brought the extra fixtures in case. They fitted well.

At last I hung my paintings and in the end I felt absolutely exhausted, like a freshly caught fish gasping for breath. It became darker and twilight fell on the city. I left the stuffy premises and slowly walked along the glittering main street back to my hotel, greedily inhaling London air.

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